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Wedding Dance Classes: Song Selections

Dance Reverie offers private wedding dance lessons that can be customized around your wedding plans. We understand you want your first dance to be perfect. These are the first steps you take as a married couple. The best way to prepare for your first dance is the same way you plan for other parts of your wedding – flowers, caterers, music, and attire.

We know you have a lot to plan and want your dance lessons to be as stress-free as possible. Dance Reverie caters wedding lessons to couples of all skill levels and requirements. We want you to feel comfortable and confident while preparing for your wedding dance.

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1. 500 Miles
By Sleeping at Last

This acoustic version of The Proclaimers' original hit is breathy, languid and sensual. It's an amazingly romantic rendition of a classic everybody knows — they've just never heard it like this. This song is for all the grooms who would gladly walk 500 miles for their brides.

2. Lay Your Heart Next to Mine
By Steve Azar

It is a little unknown song by an overlooked country singer (not that I am a country fan...more a punk rock girl!) but I had purchased this CD (yes, I am that old) for another song that really spoke to me at the time and when I heard this song I knew immediately that is spoke perfectly to Jeff and me. Now if we had only practiced our first dance.

3. Escapade
By Janet Jackson

Incredibly upbeat and fun, we've all heard this song — but not as a first dance at a wedding. What bride doesn't want to take her groom on an escapade? It's also the perfect precursor for a couple who just can't wait for the honeymoon.

4. You Are the Best Thing
By Ray LaMotagne

I've yet to tie the knot myself, but I'd go with something mildly upbeat, yet still slow enough to look great dancing. There are no long, awkward musical pauses in the song, it is not too repetitive and it will keep your guests attention.

5. There Will Be Time
By Mumford & Sons featuring Baaba Maal

Slow, intense and tribal, you won't find a more unique first dance wedding song. With lyrics like "I live to love and adore you, it's all that I am, it's all that I have," it doesn't get much more romantic either.

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